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"NEW" GLITTER TATTOO - now available!











Glitter Tattoos are exactly what they sound like...temporary tattoos created with sparkling glitter!  Special adhesive stencils are used, along with SAFE non toxic cosmetic glue, and then a choice from a rainbow of beautiful glitter shades is sprinkled over the top!  (Now also offering Black Mica powder (a black matte finish, great choice for boys and others who don't want to be so 'glittery'.  They actually look like REAL tattoos!) 


Glitter Tattoos usually take about 3-5 minutes per child (about 10-15 per hour) 

Glitter tattoos are waterproof and last from 4-10 days or more with proper care.  Although they can be removed with alcohol or baby oil if desired. This is a great option for pool parties.


REMOVAL TIPS: For glitter tattoo removal, you can use alcohol or baby oil, even olive oil.  Let oil sit on tattoo for a few minutes to saturate adhesive if needed.



Pricing available upon request.

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